UtilityRemedy.org™ is a special system designed to evaluate your utility bills and make recommendations on where you can save money on your current bills.

This is done by reviewing all your utility services and bills to see if you are getting the best deal possible. All your utility bills will be compared to other plans available. You may be paying too much for your services and all you might need to do is just ask for the lower costs plan.

UtilityRemedy.org™ also helps you with getting energy audits on your home to see if your home is energy efficient with the hope of lowering your energy costs. You may also qualify for free or low cost weatherization upgrades to your home to further reduce your monthly energy bill.

The following services may also be available in your area:

  • Hot Water Heaters (repair or replace)
  • Heating Systems (repair or replace)
  • Refrigerators (Energy efficient)
  • Install fluorescent Light Bulbs
  • Insulation of the walls and floors
  • Insulation of your hot water pipes
  • Carbon monoxide detectors

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