Program Benefits

The Real Estate program carries many valuable benefits for consumers as well as money savings tips. It's truly not like any other real estate referral program due to the various types of benefits and number of benefits that you the consumer receive from utilizing the program.

Selective Property Evaluation

With the Real Estate program our property information sheet is very unique I that the participating real estate agent will locate up to five properties that fit your property request. You get to complete the questionnaire that will let the participating real estate agent do their homework and try to locate properties that are in your buying range along with the trying to match the property that best satisfies your request and needs.

Retailer Discounts and Coupons

With the Real Estate program you will also receive many discounts and money savings coupons from our participating retailers. We have carefully selected the retailers that would either provide a service or carry merchandise and necessities that consumers may need when purchasing a new home.

Extra Added Bonus

Our program also has another special benefit which is when a consumer purchases a home using our REC program they will also receive a three hundred dollar ($300.00) gift card to one of the participating home improvement stores. This is just a little something from our participating real estate agents wanting to help consumers get some of those needed items or necessities that are needed with moving into a new home.

Participating Retailers