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Real Estate Services Program Overview

Our Real Estate Services program is a special consumer service designed to help consumers with their real estate needs. Our system will match consumers with qualified real estate agents who will work with them and assist them in the home buying process. They will be there for them to make sure they get the best deal possible and find that perfect home.

Our Real Estate Services program is also a very unique distinctive system that sets it aside from other real estate systems. With our system the consumers have to complete a three page questionnaire about their real estate needs. Upon completion of the questionnaire the real estate agent then will contact the consumer to introduce themselves and go over their needs. This could take up to forty eight hours to come up with five (5) properties that will fit the consumer’s needs. This system is priceless in that it saves consumers countless hours of viewing homes that don’t fulfill their specific needs.

Our program will also if requested, submit your housing request to a participating lender, who will pre-qualify you for the maximum mortgage loan amount that you qualify for. They will provide a complete pre-approval which state that the consumer is fully qualified and it is subject to finding the right property. This is done so the consumers know the maximum home purchase price and they are viewing homes that are affordable to them in their purchase price range. A complete loan pre-approval if an offer is made on a home the sellers will know that the consumer is fully pre-approved for the mortgage loan and can close on the property with minimal conditions.

Our program carries many other benefits like discounts and coupons to many retailers. The participating retailers carry merchandise and necessities that consumers may need when purchasing a new home. Our program also has another special benefit which is when a consumer purchases a home using our REC program they will receive a three hundred dollar ($300.00) gift card to one of the participating home improvement stores. This is a little something from the participating real estate agents to help consumers get some of those necessities that are needed with moving into a new home.

**Important Notice**

If there is a home that as a for sale sign on it and you are interested in inquiring about it or possibly purchasing that home do not call the real estate agent on the sign. The real estate agent who is named on the sign is the listing agent and primarily works for the seller. You need to have your own representation and somebody in your corner looking out for your best interest. Just take down the property address and register with our program. A participating real estate agent will research the property for you and get you the information on the property.

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