Debt Management

Once you've taken a look at the Evaluation, it's time to reap the benefits! Your field agent will explain the simple series of steps necessary to begin your road to debt elimination.

After you're signed up and ready to go, the field agent passes the baton to the office, where a member of our staff is assigned as your personal representative. Then from that point on, your personal representative works with you, leading you through the steps necessary to get the debt elimination process started and managing your debt payments personally. No more working with your creditors or sending off checks -- your personal representative now does that on your behalf!

The representative will gather all the data from you that is pertinent to evaluating your debt. This information includes basic financial data, such as the interest rates and balances of your outstanding debt. Once the program is explained and the data is gathered, the agent will enter it into the program. That's where the Debt Analysis begins.

It's naive to think that a family's debt will remain the same forever. As your finances fluctuate and your debt changes through the years, your personal representative will work with you hand-in-hand to be sure that each new or changing debt is eliminated as soon as possible, continually saving you interest through the life of the plan. When questions arise, the representative is there to help you. When changes occur, they are there to assist. Your account representative will be happy to keep you up to date with the details of your debt elimination program on a regular basis, run "what if" scenarios with potential major purchases, and address necessary issues as you move closer and closer to the end goal -- becoming debt-free!

Getting America Out of Debt...One Family at a Time™

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