Payment Management

Payment management is a vital key maintaining a good credit history and to ultimately achieve financial success. Our payment management program is administered by Asset Management, Inc. a firm specializing in debt management for American households. Their proprietary debt management system has assisted thousands of families in their goal of asset ownership and financial independence.

Their goal is to help you get out of debt, including your home mortgage in an average of seven to twelve (7 to 12) years. In the worst-case scenarios they are seeing clients eliminate their debt in half the time it would have taken them if they continued the way they were going. The program works and if utilized will help you attain goals like saving to purchase a home, reducing debt or saving for retirement.

Eliminating debt early means saving tens of thousands of dollars in interest that would have been paid if the debt went to full term. That's tens of thousands of dollars back in your pocket to use for your own needs. Additionally, being debt-free earlier means you'll have more time to save.

How They Do It

  • They help you save tens of thousands of dollars on your existing debt
  • They will help you to pay off your in debt in less than half time or less
  • They will put you on the path to creating a savings plan or retirement fund

The main objective is you keeping more of your money than your creditors are getting is the heart of the Asset Management program. All they need is an hour of your time. They do not employ any “high pressure” sales people. They are not trying to sell you a product. What you get is a straightforward, up-front explanation of what can be accomplished specifically for you!

Getting America Out of Debt...One Family at a Time 

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