Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC) a Non-Profit Organization in association with Several Federally Registered 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organizations; Provides Important Consumer Programs and Consumer Services along with Essential Consumer Credit Education to anyone wanting to lower expenses or achieve a Goal like entering the home buying market. HAC programs include; Consumer Credit Education, Balanced Budget Spending Plans, Professional Services including Home Grant’s our Very Special Down Payment Assistance Program and many other programs and services which are life’s operational necessities. Our Financial Management Program and Homeowner Maintenance programs are just some of the special tools that HAC provides for consumers who demonstrate a willingness to learn and use our programs.

Our Mission is to educate and Help Consumers Manage and Eliminate Debt. We make it possible by providing Consumers with the tools and information Consumers would need to institute and maintain a good credit history while ensuring Consumers receive the education needed for Proper Financial Management. We are Determined to Help Educate Consumers and Assist Consumers to Properly Manage their Debt as to Help Consumers to Eradicate their Debt. HAC trained professionals and debt counselors educate Consumers on budgeting and debt management on an individual basis while providing our Programs and Services to Consumers Nationwide.

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