Free Loan Pre-Qualification

Housing Assistance Corporation has developed a special Loan Pre-Qualification program featuring some of the country's premier direct lenders. All the participating lenders have great reputations, track records and have all been in business for several years. All the participating lenders are direct lenders and are either seller servicers for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae the major mortgage agencies. They will be the companies that provide you with your mortgage loan. They are truly the funding sources not a brokers or middleman.

Our loan pre-qualification is a simple credit and income evaluation with a complete financial work- up that is based on the information provided by you the consumer (potential borrower). It is used to determine the estimated amount that you can afford to borrow including potential property expenses along with determining your potential ability to repay the mortgage loan.

Our loan pre-qualification process enables the participating lenders to review your information and provide you with an opinion as to what's the maximum loan amount you can qualify. Our pre-qualification process is very special and not like the thousands of pre-qualifications that are available over the internet just computer generated. Our loan pre-qualifications are reviewed by licensed loan professionals and give you a true and accurate detailed loan pre-qualification.

Our loan pre-qualification is not instant it will take up to twenty four (24) hours from time of your registration for you to receive. The reason for the longer time is your loan pre-qualification will be reviewed by a licensed loan professional who will take all the factors into consideration to furnish you with a true and accurate loan pre-qualification. This is a true pre-qualification and far superior to any instant pre-qualification assuming the provided information entered is accurate and correct.

Housing Assistance Corporation's loan pre-qualification system in a league of its own compared to others, it really takes everything into consideration. You will really know what all your income and expenses are and will be and what your total payment will be when you find that perfect home. It is a smart system that considers many factors like, your estimated tax bills, your estimate homeowner's insurance and estimated utility bills whether public or private. This system gives consumers a true housing costs number with no hidden or unexpected bills or expenses.

Our pre-qualification system requires you to enter your income information as well as your current debts. The system also requires you to enter future property information. The system requires you to enter up to five (5) zip codes where you are interested in purchasing a home as well as the amount that you are looking to spend on a home. The system will take into consideration all other expenses and costs like homeowner's insurance, property tax and utility's if applicable. The system will generate you an accurate report so you better understand everything and all costs.

The loan pre-qualification will require the following:

  • Property address or Five (5) preferred Zip Codes
  • Property Taxes or estimated using taxing Factors
  • Homeowner's insurance or estimated using Insurance Factors
  • Mortgage Insurance premium (if Applicable)
  • Your current Income and expense information (include all debts)

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