Important Legal Facts

Did you know?

With Legal Services:

  • You'll always receive the representation you need.
  • You'll always be treated with the respect you deserve.
  • You'll always receive member discounts (up to 50% of normal costs).
  • You'll always be empowered by knowing your legal rights!

Without Proper Legal Counsel:

  • You may be greatly disappointed with your outcome!
  • You may be substantially overcharged!
  • You may just end up on the losing side!
  • You may end up being one that - HATES LAWYERS!

Have you ever...

  • Heard of someone being "ripped off" when buying a home?
  • Received a DUI or traffic ticket?
  • Wanted to prepare a will or trust?
  • Been overcharged for any professional service?
  • Been audited by the IRS or State?
  • Tried to return a defective product?
  • Have to Sign a binding contract?

Be prepared; trust the HAC Legal Network to protect your interest.

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