Housing Assistance Corporation

About The Housing Assistance Services

Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC) is a non-profit organization in association with Mission Branch, Inc. a Federally Registered 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit organization provides and administer numerous special consumer programs and consumer services. We also work with several other Non-Profit organizations that provide additional special programs and services. Housing Assistance Corporation was established and been providing valuable consumer programs and consumer services for over fifteen years and continues to develop and provide these valuable programs and services to assist consumers Nationwide.

Housing Assistance Corporation has been providing consumer programs and consumer services such as consumer credit education and the tools to institute and a good credit history. We also provide the tools needed to properly maintain a balanced budget spending plan and help to create savings or help to eradicate debt. Housing Assistance Corporation has also been providing consumer programs and services and developed proven methods to eradicate debt to those individuals and families that demonstrate the willingness to utilize our programs along with the services that we offer.

Housing Assistance Program primary purpose is to educate and assist individuals and families by providing consumers with the proper education needed to successfully manage their finances to manage their household or to successfully prepare and plan for the purchase of a new home by utilizing a budget spending plan and specifically proper financial management.

HAC Provides Consumers with these Valuable Services:

  • Credit Counseling Services: Housing Assistance Corporation instructs consumers on how to maintain their credit history. We also stress the need to be aware of their credit and the importance of keeping a good credit history.
  • Pre-Purchase Credit Counseling: Housing Assistance Corporation provides professional assistance by helping consumers to correct their bad payment habits, their bad credit habits and how to rebuild damaged credit and establishing new credit.
  • Post-Purchase Counseling: Housing Assistance Corporation assists new homeowners to properly create payment plan and to create a household budget. We assist consumers in preparing a home maintenance schedule and assist new homeowners to prepare and create a structured household needs list to help to save money by providing money savings tips.
  • Homeownership Maintenance Counseling: Housing Assistance Corporation provides consumers with the training needed to new homeowners in the skills, habits and resources to properly up keep and maintain their new home.
  • Affordability Analysis: Housing Assistance Corporation also provides all consumers with an analysis of the potential homebuyer’s ability to afford and maintain the purchase of a home. It reviews the consumer’s income, liabilities and available funds. The analysis determines and calculates the amount of monthly payments each consumer can afford to pay and the amount that each consumer can put away and save for future needs.
  • Accountant Review: All Home Grants recipients will have to meet with one of the participating CPAs who will go over the guidelines and discuss the criteria needed. All consumers are required to meet with one of the participating CPAs who will make suggestions that will assist the consumers who want to use the program. The Home Grants applicants will get all the needed advice to properly adjust their tax deductions and they will be advised on how much of a difference that they will have by making adjus™ents to be able to take home more funds as income in their paychecks.
  • Attorney Review: All recipients will be required to meet with participating Attorneys to go over the guidelines and principles of the home purchase. They will have the participating Attorney discuss with them the transaction and make any suggestions that will assist the consumers who want to use the program. The Home Grants program applicants will get this free legal advice and will be advised of what to expect and what they need to know in becoming new homeowners. The legal advice is part of the Home Grants program and all applicants will be assigned a participating Attorney to advise them.
  • Banking Services - Housing Assistance Corporation has created and developed a Banking Services program that assists consumers by providing valuable information and access to some of the best banking accounts in the country. Consumers will have access to some of the highest yielding and most competitive free checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts and certificates of deposits in the country. All of the banking accounts are insured by the participating banks and made easily accessible and are always available to consumers via the online banking accounts and services.
  • Insurance Services - Housing Assistance Corporation has made arrangements with some of the country’s biggest and foremost insurance companies. We have developed and have sponsorships with some of the country’s biggest premier insurance companies. HAC helps by coordinating and communicating with the participating Insurance Agents that will help you to get the best possible insurance policies for the lowest available premiums! Whether you own a home or rent a home, looking to lower your auto insurance premiums you need an experienced personal insurance agent to guide you through the insurance selection process. When you apply your information is forwarded to four different insurance companies and they all will get back to you with their best available insurance policies at their best available price for the coverage you are seeking. All consumers will most likely immediately save hundreds of dollars on their insurances or be advised on how to lower their costs.
  • Bankruptcy Protection - Housing Assistance Corporation has made available for consumers a free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy Attorney. Filing bankruptcy is a very important decision that will have long lasting consequences. Many people facing foreclosure choose to short sale their homes or if not able to complete and after foreclosing, your bank could obtain a deficiency judgment against you for the amount of the difference between what you owed on your mortgage and what the bank received through the sale of your home. It is strongly advised that all consumers should meet with and consult with qualified attorneys before making any important life changing decisions.
  • Loan Modifications – Housing Assistance Corporation has made available for consumers a free consultation with an experienced loan modification Attorney. HAC has put together a network of qualified Attorneys with proven track records in getting loan modifications completed. All consumers should consult with qualified Attorneys before making decisions.
  • Delinquency and Foreclosure Prevention: Housing Assistance Corporation works with homeowners and their creditors to prevent pattern delinquencies and foreclosures. HAC provides professional third party negotiators who have proven to be beneficial in preventing foreclosures and helping to get consumers loans reinstated.
  • Title Services – Housing Assistance Corporation has put together a system that assist consumers in locating a participating Title Company that will provide them with discounts title services, title research and title insurance policies.