Housing Assistance Corporation

About The Housing Assistance Programs

Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC) is a non-profit organization in association with Mission Branch, Inc. a Federally Registered 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit organization provides and administer numerous special consumer programs and consumer services. We also work with several other Non-Profit organizations that provide additional special programs and services. Housing Assistance Corporation was established and been providing valuable consumer programs and consumer services for over fifteen years and continues to develop and provide these valuable programs and services to assist consumers Nationwide.

Housing Assistance Corporation has been providing consumer programs and consumer services such as consumer credit education and the tools to institute and a good credit history. We also provide the tools needed to properly maintain a balanced budget spending plan and help to create savings or help to eradicate debt. Housing Assistance Corporation has also been providing consumer programs and services and developed proven methods to eradicate debt to those individuals and families that demonstrate the willingness to utilize our programs along with the services that we offer.

Housing Assistance Program primary purpose is to educate and assist individuals and families by providing consumers with the proper education needed to successfully manage their finances to manage their household or to successfully prepare and plan for the purchase of a new home by utilizing a budget spending plan and specifically proper financial management.

HAC provides Consumers with these Valuable Programs:

  • Home Grants Program: Is a Down Payment Assistance Program developed to provide Grants/Gifts to individuals and families nationwide. The Home Grants Program enhances our ability to assist consumers in becoming valued participants in our economy. The Home Grants Program provides special Housing Grants (Gifts) to those individuals that demonstrate the willingness to follow and learn the HAC programs and have the desire and ability to own a home.
  • Coupon Remedy: Provides consumers valuable coupons that help individuals and families save money on the groceries they frequently purchase. The Coupon Remedy™ program is unlike any other coupon savings program in that it provides consumers with coupons on products they need to purchase not on products companies want them to purchase.
  • Grocery Remedy: Is a program that assists consumers in keeping an accurate inventory of their grocery items and other household products. The GrogeryRemedy.org™ program allows consumers to keep an accurate inventory of food items and products they have on hand in their pantry’s, in their closets, in their refrigerators and in their freezers.
  • The Reverse CD Program: The HAC Reverse CD™ Program enables consumers to have affordable monthly payments while ultimately having homeownership after the contract period. To Attain Future Homeownership!
  • Balanced Budget Spending Plan: All recipients are placed on a balanced budget spending plan. A budget spending plan will help give you the chance to achieve financial freedom. It will help you manage your income and expenses. It’s time to act now prepare a custom budget spending plan that right for you and your family.
  • Homebuyer Education Program: What to know expect and be aware of when purchasing a home along with the education needed. The program assists consumers with and provides education about homeownership to all participants. What to expect for when buying a home. The program also assists consumers with and provides Payment management services to all participants.
  • Payment Management Program: Our payment management program is administered by an affiliate specializing in debt management. Their proprietary debt management system assists individuals and families in their goal of becoming debt free and financially independent.
  • Reminder Remedy: Reminder Remedy.org™ is a special proprietary program that sends you a reminder of just about anything. It allows you to either choose from a list of common reminders or create custom reminders. Reminder Remedy.org™ allows you to create your own personal reminder service to help keep you organized. You do not have to be near your computer to get your reminders. You do not have to download any programs to use ReminderMagic.org™ the reminders are simply emailed or texted to you as you request.
  • Utility Remedy: Utility Remedy.org™ is a specialty program designed to evaluate your utility bills like electric, gas, water, cable, telephone and any other utilities. UtilityRemedy.org™ will review all your utility services and utility bills to see if you are getting the best deal possible. All your utility bills will be reviewed and compared to other plans available. You may be paying too much for your services and all you might need to do is just ask for the lower cost plans. The program will assist you in getting registered with your utility provider for an energy audit on your home. All with the hope of lowering your electric costs.
  • Budget Remedy: BudgetRemedy.org™ is a specialty program designed to evaluate your current financial situation and prepare a budget spending plan that will try to achieve your ultimate goal. Whether it is qualify for a mortgage loan to purchase a home or to help lower your overall debt and funds that you have to outlay to help create savings.
  • Insurance Remedy: InsuranceRemedy.org™ is a specialty program designed to evaluate your current insurance needs and see if you can save money on various types of insurance like auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance and more. It will try to find the insurance that is best suited for your current needs and situation as well as providing you with quotes from four different insurance providers to get you the best rates available.
  • Credit Remedy: CreditRemedy.org™ is a specialty program designed to assist you with your credit needs. Whether you are trying to restore your credit or straighten out some credit issues or concerns you may have to help you resolve your issues. There is a do it yourself kit available or credit professionals available to assist you with your goals.
  • Mortgage Remedy: MortgageRemedy.org™ is a specialty program designed to evaluate your current mortgage loan and see if the loan is properly suited for your current needs and situation as well as providing you with direct mortgage lenders to get you the best rates available.
  • Payment Remedy: PaymentRemedy.org™ is a special program designed to help you with your payments by setting up payment plans for you or helping you adjust your current payment plans to best suit your financial situation and needs.
  • Real Estate Remedy: RealEstateRemedy.org™ is a specialty program designed to evaluate your current housing needs and request and introduce you to a real estate agent that is located in the area you are interest in purchasing a home and try to find that perfect home that is best suited for your current needs and situation as well as providing you with on the area and additional information which will make your move as pleasant as possible.
  • Rental Remedy: RentalRemedy.org™ is a special program designed to help you with all your rental needs from renting a place to live to renting a car. It will assist you in locating the best possible price and get you the most for your money.
  • Savings Remedy: SavingsRemedy.org™ is a special savings program designed to assist you savings needs whether it be locating an insured bank the best rates to place your funds or to help you create a savings plan to achieve a goal like purchasing a home.
  • Shopping Remedy: ShoppingRemedy.org™ is a specialty program designed to help you with all your shopping needs to try to locate the best possible price on the items you are looking to purchase. It will also take into consideration which store has the best price, the best warranty, the best service and the overall best deal with several factors taken into consideration.