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Credit is the act of granting a loan by one party to another party. The first party is called a creditor (the party loaning the funds) also known as the lender and the second party is called the debtor or also known as the borrower. The debtor agrees to repay or return the funds to the creditor at a later date. The creditor and debtor agree to the terms of repayment and the amount of repayment which will usually include the full amount of the loan and a predetermined amount of interest. The debtor usually does not repay the creditor immediately, but repays the creditor in agreed upon installments that usually include principal and interest until the loan is paid in full.

  • Credit Remedy Kit: The Credit Remedy Kit™ is a specialty program designed to assist you with your credit needs. Whether you are trying to restore your credit or straighten out some credit issues or concerns you may have to help you resolve your issues. It is a do it yourself kit or there are credit professionals available to assist you with your goals and needs.
  • Balanced Budget Spending Plan: All Consumers have available a balanced budget spending plan. A budget spending plan will help give you the chance to achieve financial freedom. It will help you manage your income and expenses. You can act now prepare a custom budget spending plan that right for you and your family.
  • Homebuyer Education Program: What to know expect and be aware of when purchasing a home along with the education needed. The program assists consumers with and provides education about homeownership to all participants. What to expect for when buying a home. The program also assists consumers with and provides Payment management services to all participants.
  • Payment Management Program: Our payment management program is administered by an affiliate specializing in debt management. Their proprietary debt management system assists individuals and families in their goal of becoming debt free and financially independent.™ is a special program designed to help you with your payments by setting up payment plans for you.
  • Credit Counseling Services: Housing Assistance Corporation instructs consumers on how to maintain their credit history. We also stress the need to be aware of their credit and the importance of keeping a good credit history.
  • Pre-Purchase Credit Counseling: Housing Assistance Corporation provides professional assistance by helping consumers to correct their bad payment habits, their bad credit habits and how to rebuild damaged credit and establishing new credit.
  • Post-Purchase Counseling: Housing Assistance Corporation assists new homeowners to properly create payment plan and to create a household budget. We assist consumers in preparing a home maintenance schedule and assist new homeowners to prepare and create a structured household needs list to help to save money by providing money savings tips.
  • Delinquency and Foreclosure Prevention: Housing Assistance Corporation works with consumers and their creditors to prevent pattern delinquencies and foreclosures. HAC provides professional third party negotiators who have proven to be beneficial in preventing foreclosures and helping to get consumers loans reinstated.

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