Housing Assistance Corporation
(A non-profit corporation)

Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC) a Non-Profit organization in association with Mission Branch, Inc. a Federally Registered 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization; provides important consumer services and valuable consumer credit education to anyone wanting to lower expenses or achieve a Goal like entering the home buying market. HAC programs include; Consumer Credit Education, Balanced Budget Spending, Discount Professional Services, Home Grant’s and many other life operational necessities.

Our Mission is to educate and Help consumers Manage and Eliminate Debt. We make that possible by providing consumers with valuable tools and information consumers would need to institute and maintain a good credit history and have the education needed to successfully plan for a home purchase, specifically, proper financial management.

One of our primary objectives is to provide income and credit worthy consumers the opportunity to either keep their existing homes or become new homeowners. HAC also specializes in working with consumers that have credit issues or less than desired credit in an effort to provide the education needed to successfully improve their credit and plan for a home purchase or keep their existing home. Our Financial Management Program and Homeowner Maintenance programs are just some of the special tools that HAC provides for consumers who demonstrate a willingness to use and learn our programs.

The participating non-profit organizations are staffed by teams of dedicated and experienced Real Estate professionals who are committed to helping consumers to achieve the American Dream of home ownership. Our programs are able to Help individuals and families in the United States.

HAC works hand in hand as well as with many other non-Profit organizations as a joint effort to provide our services to consumers Nationwide. HAC trained debt counselors educate our recipients on budgeting and debt management on an individual basis.

Housing Assistance Corporation
PO Box 370433
Las Vegas, Nevada 89137
Tel (702) 335-8677
Fax (877) 309-8476